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NBC's Phenomenon


NBC embarked on a LIVE television event that had never been attempted before. The network set out to find the world's next magic superstar. NBC searched the GLOBE to locate the world's top 10 mystifiers, and then had them compete for America's vote on LIVE NETWORK TELEVISION.

In addition, Mike can create a custom script that delivers your corporate message in an entertaining and unique way, all the while working his magic seamlessly into the presentation.

For an exhilarating 6 weeks, the NBC series PHENOMENON was broadcast into MILLIONS of households across the country. In the end, the viewing public voted for their favorite entertainer each week. Ultimately, the fate of the winner was in hands of the viewers at home.

With electric performances that reached out and enchanted the American public, including judges Criss Angel, Uri Geller AND a panel of celebrity guests; MIKE SUPER proved he was the best of the best, and was awarded the prestigious title of THE PHENOMENON... along with the grand prize of $250,000!!!

Mike Super emerged as magic's newest celebrity, with a legion of fans numbering in the millions. Currently, Mike's mystifying theater production is setting box office records with sold out shows across the country! He has truly become a ‘PHENOMENON’ both literally and figuratively!

Mike Super on Phenomenon

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Magician Mike Super's magic on NBC's Phenomenon! - Full Mike Super Compilation video

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