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Mike Super

NBC's America's Got Talent

top finalist on america’s got talent

Mike Super spent THREE FULL MONTHS on summer's number one top rated show LIVE from Radio City Music Hall. The American public became enchanted with Mike and his imaginary friend Desmond. Twice a week, Mike would come right into people's living room TV's and amaze them with his jaw-dropping magic garnering more than 25 million fans!

The celebrity judges, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Mel B and Heidi Klum were sent into a whirlwind trying to decide if Mike was doing REAL magic, or if it was just theatrically entertaining sorcery! Nick Cannon called Mike the MOST ORIGINAL magician the show had ever experienced, and the public agreed whole heartedly!

Mike made a glass pitcher explode in Heidi Klum's bare hand. He teleported instantaneously into the center of the more than 7000 spectators in attendance at Radio City. Continuing to top himself, Mike pulled off a GLOBAL prediction, he mysteriously gave the audience invisible UV tattoos, and he employed voodoo magic to take complete control of judge Mel B's person.

Mike cleverly blurred the lines between what was real and what was magic. He created a family friendly performance style that was truly unique and breathtaking. Mike Super and his invisible friend Desmond ASTOUNDED the AGT Judges and entertained America with a deeply theatrical story wrapped around his magic. Mike beat out more than 800,000 performers in his season, and survived right down to the final episode! The fantastic thing is that his AGT exposure continues to grow exponentially on YouTube as it's constantly relived by new fans day after day online!

Mike Super magician tazes Mel B with voodoo on America's Got Talent Mike Super AGT

Mike Super creates magic dollar prediction with AGT Howard Stern Nick Cannon on America's Got Talent

Mystifier Mike Super on America's Got Talent (AGT)

Mike Super freaks out Howie with Number Magic on AGT America's Got Talent - Super Magician

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