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Mike Super

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  • Venue:

    The University Of New Orleans

  • Address:

    2000 Lakeshore Dr.
    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Show Time:

  • Show Notes:

    As the winner of NBC’s hit TV show ‘Phenomenon’, Mike is the only magician in history to win a LIVE magic competition on primetime US network television and voted America’s Favorite Mystifier! Through spectacular illusions and his own inimitable down-to-earth style and personality, Mike Super has pioneered a new form of magic that transcends the “trick”. With captivating performances for more than 6 weeks airing on ‘America’s Got Talent’ as a top finalist and Season Premier Episode of Penn & Teller’s ‘FOOL US’ – Mike has emerged as magic’s newest celebrity, with a legion of fans numbering in the millions. Join the journey of emotions from laughter, intrigue, danger, fear, wonder, anticipation, tears and sentimentality that only Mike Super delivers. Bring YOUR FRIENDS out to EXPERIENCE the magic! 

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