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Mike Super

The BEST Virtual Performances World Wide!


Mike has pioneered TWO all new magic shows over zoom!
(or your organization's favorite platform of choice.)

These ground breaking shows have redefined the entire  industry!
Management, Employees, Students, Meeting planners, and Arts professionals


shows For corporations, theaters, colleges or anyone
that needs an extraordinary virtual event!


ike is continually busy making MAGIC happen through computer screens all across the country! That's right!  It can be as simple as a brief vignette to re-energize your company's zoom meeting...

Or perhaps you need a FULL EVENING HEADLINE PRESENTATION from a state-of-the-art network television studio, featuring a customized and secure software platform that delivers that very HIGH QUALITY BROADCAST your major brand requires. Mike and his team of experts are able to make it happen easily!


Mike Super has MASTERED making virtual events amazing, engaging and most importantly, EASY FOR YOU!  That's right... Mike takes all the stress away from you by hosting the event on his professional and secure Zoom account!  NO "IT TEAM" NECESSARY.  Mike even provides you with a visually pleasing email ticket to send to all your invitees!  Basically you book Mike and he does the rest for you! 

2020 has been a tough year for everyone...Give your employees the gift of a custom and magical holiday event for themselves AND their families!  Each event is LIVE, INTERACTIVE, AMAZING AND HILARIOUS! 

Cancelled arts season? Engage your patrons with a virtual appearance event for families with Mike Super!

If your season is cancelled, why not host a VIRTUAL EVENT to engage your audience as a small REWARD for their continued support!?! Make it something your community looks forward to! You send virtual invites to your list and THEY ALL TUNE IN!!!! You can personally engage with them, and then Mike can entertain your patrons with magic that happens through their screen; all the while HYPING UP YOUR FUTURE SEASON OF PERFORMANCES! Now more than ever it's important to engage your valued theater patrons, and Mike makes it easy, fun, and more importantly AFFORDABLE! Even your sponsors can be involved, adding even more value!

Not able to have your annual corporate awards meeting this year? No Problem!

Let Mike help you create it virtually! It can be broadcast from a professional sound stage, where Mike can HOST IT and MAGICALLY INTERACT with your thousands of video attendees! Mike is not only able to read the viewers minds, but he also delivers YOUR BRANDING and YOUR MESSAGE in a very magical way! There are TONS of product placement and theming opportunities along the way. Mike can even help highlight your CEO and Executives in magic based interviews, and he even TEACHES your exec's fool proof magic THEY can perform for the viewing audience!

Break up that zoom meeting fatigue!

Perhaps you just need a magical way to freshen your weekly Zoom meeting. Mike can provide an AMAZING way to break up that Zoom fatigue!  He does this by popping into your meeting and entertaining each and every viewer with magic that happens IN THEIR HANDS! This gets everyone's attention renewed so your meeting can continue fresh!  Mike turns your normal meeting into a highly anticipated EVENT!

Some groups have chosen to simply have Mike deliver his virtual magic as a fun reward or surprise... while other companies choose to have Mike script and create a custom piece of magic that highlights the company, it's products and a simple but brilliant take away message.

Mike can even TEACH those tuning in a piece of magic that THEY CAN IMMEDIATELY DO! This turns your entire audience  into magicians themselves!

The possibilities are endless, so please feel free to text Robin at 412-888-7412 for a full range of options for all budgets!  (or email Robin at

Mike and his magic are taking the virtual world by storm!  A quick "appearance" can be set up in minutes... and your viewers will be EXCITED to tune into your very special video meeting!

Let Mike Super work his virtual magic for YOU!

Start here to book Mike Super for your next Virtual Event

Show Reviews

  • Mike Super was BEYOND amazing! I can confidently speak on behalf of our 500 guests, Mike Super was the most awesome entertainment our famed Discovery Ball has ever had!
    — American Cancer Society
  • Truly unbelievable!
    — Ellen Degeneres
  • Very entertaining! Very engaging! He connects to the audience!
    — Criss Angel
  • By far the best, entertainer...we've ever had! The production was well worth the price and was absolutely fantastic! Our audience raved.
    — Eccles Theater, UT
  • Captivating, Enthralling and Amazing! A sure fire hit for any Presenter!
    — The Center for Performing Arts, FL
  • Mike not only amazed our audience and left them raving… he made our CEO appear like Mike did with Ellen on TV. He also trained four of our top executives to do magic for their speeches! This event was an absolute grand slam, and I fear we’ll never be able to top it! We highly recommend Mike Super for any corporate event where everything has to be perfect!
    — Motel 6
  • Mike’s performance was spectacular! The chairman of the board and owner of Pella, held me in a 30 second embrace at the conclusion of the event and said…'Tonight was the most fun I’ve had in my life!' Just recalling that moment brings me to tears. The second and third in command at Pella raved it was the best ever! The buzz generated throughout the ranks was off the charts!
    — Pella Windows
    — PollStar
  • Mike was great. We would definitely have him here again. The show was very well received. Our audiences loved him! Great show, great performer and one of the nicest people I have come across in the industry.
    — Parker Cultural Commission, Parker, CO
  • Things went really, really well! I’ve heard a lot of very positive comments from people who attended. He was also very easy to work with. We had two sold-out shows. Total number for both shows was 1,800 people. Yes, I would highly recommend to anyone, and yes, we would consider having him back in a few years. We couldn’t be happier!
    — Center Stage and Performance Tours, Brigham Young University, Idaho
  • Mike Super mesmerized our audience with his unique brand of effortless illusion, and his charm created an intimacy with the audience that turned fans into friends as the evening progressed. We have already received requests for a return engagement! Additionally, Mike and his team were a joy to work with from beginning to end.
    — Sunset Center, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

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