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Mike Super opens for band Train

Mike Super performs with the Grammy Award winning group Train

Mike Super opens for band Train

Mike opened for Train recently at a private event and in less than 20 minutes, to the shock and awe of the audience, he conjured an actual ghost, levitated a human, used voodoo to control a body builder, and made a piece of paper come to life and crawl up and down a spectators arm... and if that wasn't amazing enough, then Train played a full concert! Pat (the lead) has an amazing voice! Needless to say, this was an event the audience will remember for a long time!

Magic & Rock N Roll

For the event Mike came up with a special piece of mystery entertainment just for the band members. Above is a photo of Mike with Pat two minutes after Mike got off stage, Mike wasn't ready for the picture and was still sweating (Stage lights are HOT!) LOL. Pat was about to jump on stage and looks like a million bucks of course... 

meet n' greet

Mike Super & Train did a meet n' greet for some lucky VIP's. This VIP is Maggie and she was a sweet heart!

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