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Media FAQs

Is your last name REALLY Super?
YES, (and then some)...Believe it or not, I used to get made fun of in grade school all the time because of it. :)

What was it like winning NBC's TV Series PHENOMENON?
It was literally a dream come true! It's propelled my career in many ways, and it's fun being a pseudo-celebrity. :) I got to perform for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people in a matter of minutes! Because of the show, my live show sells out at virtually every venue we play, and I love getting to meet people that saw me on TV. It's funny when people kinda feel like they know me, but we've never actually met. (Luckily I'm a people person, so it's really fun for me.) It was all very surreal. One minute, I was being congratulated by the Hollywood celebrities at the after party, being cheered with Poparatzi flashbulbs flashing, and a just little while later, I was back at my hotel with my family just being completely normal. I loved every moment of PHENOMENON, and I'm thankful to EVERY SINGLE person that voted for me! I didn't win it, my fan base won it.

What did you do with the $250,000 you won on PHENOMENON?
I took my entire family to Walt Disney World...because I believe there's a law that you have to do that. LOL. Then, a large chunk of the money was set aside in escrow for a unique prediction challenge I do in cities all over the US, where I could potentially have to pay out more than $50,000 dollars if I fail. The remaining money was used to purchase a new touring truck for the show and some of the money was invested in experimental technology/new illusion R&D. The biggest chunk however, went to magicians you'll know as the IRS. They made A LOT disappear! :) I WAS AMAZED! LOL

How old were you when you started magic?
 I began magic at age six. I used to do shows in my back yard every week and I'd wear my black Dracula Cape from Halloween while performing. It was pretty embarrassing. I charged a nickel per person at those performances. :)

How did you get started in magic?
I'm the only magician in the family.I got started while visiting a
magic shop in Walt Disney World.I saw the coolest old man performing some tricks and I immediately became obsessed!

Where do live?
Pittsburgh, PA., and Los Angeles, CA. But I usually say I'm from the Hampton Inn because I'm constantly on the road. :)

What are some of your favorite magic moments/illusions you've done in your career?
Winning Phenomenon on Live Network Television Having Ellen DeGeneres invite me on her show to make her appear from nothing but shadows Making an actual Magic Kingdom Ride appear from nowhere LIVE on stage while surrounded by skeptical Disney Executives Having the honor ofJeffrey Katzenberg the CEO ofDreamworks literally being my opening act. Being asked to perform and present at the prestigious PollStar Awards at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood

Can you make my Wife/Kids/Mother-in-law disappear?
YES! But ONLY for a short period of time...I have to bring them back because..."IT'S THE LAW!" :) 

Who are/were your greatest influences?
Walt Disney (A True Genius!)
Doug Henning (A cutting edge magician for his time.)
David Copperfield ( A great magician AND a great book.)
Johnny Depp (He's just the coolest!)
Jerry Seinfeld (A fantastic entertainer with an unbelievable workethic.)

What are your other interests?
First and foremost my family. I'm also a Disney FANATIC! Magic & Disney just naturally go together. And I love movies! My favorites include: Star Wars, The Original Matrix, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Lord of the Rings, Any Farrelly Brothers movie and ANY Griswold Family Vacation movie.

How many shows do you do a year?
About 175-200. Magic truly is my life! :)

How long do you practice?
Everyday for several hours, (approximately 3 if I'm not being lazy) and then I go and perform my show for another hour and a half almost every night! I LOVE IT!

Have you ever had an illusion go wrong?
Yes, but only on very rare occasions.However, when I develop an
illusion, I prepare for any worst case scenario I can think of and that way I can switch methods and the audience is never the wiser.

How do you come up with your illusions?
I'll get inspired with something from real life that I want to share on-stage...Then I try and figure out a piece of magic that relates to this inspiration, and finally it becomes a collaborative effort between myself and my magic consultants. For me it's very similar to how a musician writes songs.

Is the story you tell about your mother on stage true?
Absolutely... 100%.She was one of the greatest influences in my life! Each of us has been molded by our families and loved ones, and for me, my mother was that person. I try to share a part of myself with the audience in every performance, and it makes me smile every time someone comes up to me and relates to losing a loved one.

Are audiences harder to impress as technology advances?
Yes AND No. Magic, like technology, is constantly changing; so in my opinion, there is a natural balance between the two.I'd say that the REAL challenge is that we, the MTV generation, and have developed shorter and shorter attention spans. (This answer is already too long.) :) While on stage you have to be very entertaining, and I love that challenge!

What is your BEST trick?
It's a three way tie... Tricking my wife into marrying me, making my adorable daughter appear, and being able to do magic for a living. :)