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Casino's, by definition, are about EXCITEMENT, THRILLS, LUCK, AND CHANCE! As fate would have it, so is Mike Super's Headline Casino Production!

Casino's are also looking for shows that are celebrity driven and have the potential to draw in tons of new customers.
The Magic of Mike Super offers all of this AND MORE! Mike Super is the winner of NBC's hit TV Show PHENOMENON! He's the "American Idol" of Magicians, and was voted America's FAVORITE mystifier by literally MILLIONS on primetime network television. He's appeared on NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Mike's casino performance is more than just a magic show! Mike combines the hilarity of a headline comedian, with his jaw dropping magic & illusion, and mixes it with excitement inducing digital music and special effects. Add to this, that not only will the audience by amazed and see a truly fantastic show, but every ticket buyer has the chance to actually win a brand NEW CAR!

That's right! In one of Mike's signature trademarked illusions, he not only makes a car appear under test conditions on stage, but he gives each audience member an actual chance to WIN IT that evening! It fits perfectly with the casino environment!

For fun, at the end of the show, Mike performs an original illusion that everyone experiences in their own hands where their LUCK is magically renewed! It's amazing and motivating! The audience comes out of the performance RAVING, but not only that, they are re-energized and ready to gamble!

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